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Campaign Coordinator - Say No To Plastic campaign


An environmental campaign group that is currently working on plastic
waste reduction and prevention initiatives with retailers, community and
government in Bali is seeking a candidate to fill the position of
Campaign Coordinator.
Title of the Position: Campaign Coordinator

Reports to: Steering Committee

Based at: Ubud

Description of Program:

"Say NO To Plastic" or SNTP is a waste reduction and prevention
campaign established in Ubud, Bali in 2007. The campaign is run by a
diverse group of local and foreign volunteers who care deeply about the
natural environment. Our first goal is to reduce the use of plastic

We work with major retailers and community representatives in Balion
plastic waste education, reduction and prevention initiatives.

The campaign has developed a strategy targeting retailers, traditional
leaders, government leaders and everyday people. The plan includes but
is not limited to:

* Changing the way plastic bags are used in Bali one sector of the
community at a time. This means targeting specific organizations and
demographics including women's group (PKK),supermarket customers,
schools, retailers, and the mass media.
* Stakeholder research to identify obstacles,opportunities and
engagement strategies
* Cooperation with other environmental and community groups in joint
efforts to bring about change at the community level through the
banjars, and to lobby the government for legislation that will prohibit
single use plastic bags.

Job Description: In line with campaign objectives, the focus of the
Campaign Coordinator will be to engage with major supermarkets,community
and government in Bali to achieve the objective of reducing plastic bag
consumption and provide alternatives to shoppers. The retail campaign
initiative includes efforts to

* Curb the supply of plastic bags to shoppers
* Impose a `user pays' fee for plastic bags
* Make available environmentally friendly resusable alternatives to
plastic bags, and
* Create an incentive program for customers to facilitate reduction
of plastic use.

The community campaign efforts include:

* Engaging with local community figures (e. gbanjar heads, PKK
groups) to increase awareness among the local community about the
dangers of plastic
* Engaging with local businesses in the community to create
strategies to reduce their use of plastics

Underpinning the campaign is a public communication strategy which
includes efforts to:

* Facilitate the production and wide circulation of community service
announcements on television and radio
* Communicate the objectives and results of the campaign to the wider
* Lobby government officials at different levels to enact regulations
and take action on single-use plastic bags

The Campaign Coordinator will work with retailers, management and
community stakeholders to devise strategies and support their
implementation in-store and within the selected partner community.

The Campaign Coordinator will also source other potential donors and
supporters of the SNTP campaign.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Campaign Activities

* Relating with other campaign stake holders - large retailers,
producers of Public Service Announcements, NGOs and the community

2. Networking

* Connecting with other organisations in similar fields
* Creating and distributing written information about the campaign
* Maintaining Facebook site
* Creating and maintaining a list of contacts
3. Human and Financial Resource Mobilisation:
* Coming up with fundraising ideas and organising events and stalls
* Developing promo materials for raising public profile of the
* Identifying and contacting potential donors
* Maintaining donor relations including reporting
4. Research
* Finding articles and information on web and other sources related
to campaign goals and objectives.
* Producing evidence of information reviewed on a weekly basis to
broaden and deepen campaign in regard to relevant issues both
internationally, Indonesia-wide (incl. legislation) and in Bali.
5. Time Management/Administration:
* Use and maintain a time management system that is agreed upon by
the coordinator and the SC. The system will include regular reports,
names of people contacted and detailed notes on people contacted, dates
* Create a work plan- Annual/Quarterly/ Monthly (own daily/weekly
work plan). Includes persons and contacts /follow-up required.
* Maintaining files with contacts' names, phone numbers, notes,
* Managing finances
* Setting up and attending weekly meetings with SNTP team and monthly
meetings with SC
* Record and present outcomes to the campaign teamon a weekly basis
and to the SC on a monthly basis.
* Attending all campaign events/ activities

Working hours

The Campaign Coordinator will spend 40H per week working forthe Say NO
To Plastic Campaign.


* Holds a bachelor degree or equivalent,preferably in
environmental-related field
* Experience in environmental projects, campaigns,advocacy or
community development

* Ability to undertake academic level research and present findings
in materials designed for public consumption
* Excellent communication skills and ability toclearly communicate
the campaign's objectives (please outline any experience in
dealings with the media and as a spokesperson)
* Strong personal time management

* Indonesian national
* Computer literacy in Microsoft Word, Excel, andPower Point,
Internet, Facebook. Website development skills would be a plus
* Good command of English

Remuneration: Rp. 3 million per month

Starting Time:

Candidate qualified for the position above is expected to effectively
start the position in early May

Send your CV and a covering letter addressing your experience in the
above key responsibilities and requirements to:

Steering Committee email:

Closing date for applications: Friday, 30 April 2010

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