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Advertise-Engineering Coordinator for Final Evaluation Watsan - American Red Crosshelps in Jakarta

The American Red Crosshelps vulnerable people around the world to prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies and life-threatening health conditions. As a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and one of more than 20 National Societies working with PMI in Indonesia, the American Red Cross is currently implementing its development programs in Banda Aceh, Aceh Utara, Lamno and Calang with a liaison office in Jakarta.
The American Red Cross (ARC) carried out a large water and sanitation (WatSan) program in approximately 70 tsunami affected villages in the province of Aceh. The program consists of hygiene promotion education, construction of water supplies, construction of sanitation systems and training of communities and their representatives in how to operate and maintain the constructed systems.
American Red Cross is hiring an international Team Leader to evaluate the program. The evaluation will start on May 31, 2010 and will run for approximately 5 weeks.
Due to the size and geographical spread of the program the ARC wishes will be hiring an Indonesian WatSan engineering expert and an Indonesian hygiene promotion and community mobilization expert to assist the Team Leader. This Terms of Reference is for the Indonesian WatSan Engineering Consultant, referred to below as the Consultant.
Practical Arrangements
·          The base location for the assignment will be Banda Aceh, Indonesia
·          The Consultant will be paid for each day worked based on the IFRC salary scale for a grade K staff member.
·          The Consultant will be paid a per diem in line with IFRC regulations for each day worked outside the base location of Banda Aceh.
·          The ARC will reimburse the consultants costs for travelling to Banda Aceh from the Consultant’s home to Banda Aceh and returning.
·          ARC will provide 1millionRp worth of phone credit to the consultant for the duration of the evaluation
·          The ARC will provide transportation and accommodation for the consultant
·          Reports shall be provided in the English language.
The Consultant shall have
·          A degree in engineering related to water and sanitation
·          A minimum of 10 years of experience of construction of water and sanitation systems in Indonesia
·          A minimum of 2 years of experience working with disaster or relief projects with international NGOs
·          Experience working in rural villages and small towns in Indonesia
·          Knowledge and demonstrable experience of construction project design and implementation,
·          Knowledge and demonstrable experience  of how water and sanitation systems are operated and maintained at village level and for small regional supplies
·          Good skills at interviewing and documenting
·          Fluent English
·          Fluent Bahasa Indonesia
·          Acehnese language is preferential but not required
The objectives of the evaluation are to determine
·          How well the WatSan projects were planned and implemented with respect to the Program objectives
·          Determine the appropriateness and adequacy of the operation and maintenance aspects of the WatSan program in the local circumstances and to what degree sustainability of the program can be expected
·          The degree to which the Program objectives were met
More detail on particular aspects of these questions will be provided to the consultant by the Team Leader and by ARC management.
The Consultant will accompany the Team Leader during the initial phase of understanding the project and planning how the evaluation will be carried out in the field. Following this the Consultant will initially accompany the Team Leader on the evaluation of the program in one of the ten geographic areas where the program operates to conduct a joint evaluation with the Team Leader. Following this the Consultant will travel independently to other geographic areas and conduct evaluations of projects in those areas independently. The Team Leader may choose to send the hygiene promotion and community mobilization expert with the Constant and should that be the case the Consultant will work closely with that individual. At all times the Consultant shall keep close communication with the Team Leader and will regularly debrief the Team Leader and ARC management of information that has been found. Following field work the Consultant will meet the Team Leader
again and will work with the Team Leader to produce the draft report for the evaluation.
For each individual project that the Consultant evaluates independently the Consultant shall provide to the Team Leader  a short report with a length of less than two page. The report shall describe the project and the findings under the three main questions of the evaluation (listed above). The report shall also include conclusions, lessons learned, and a list of persons met and documents consulted.
The Consultant will also be responsible with the Team Leader for the production of the draft report for the evaluation.
Please submit your application and curriculum vitae in English to, placing the job title in the subject line and label your CV with your name (CV max. 500KB size).  Only short listed candidates will be notified. Applications submitted after May 3, 2010will be not considered. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

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